Elite Developer Advancement Program         (EDAP)
Be the best developer, we do the rest.

Clear Value for You

Build what you Love

We're separating the wheat from the chaff. One thing our developers have in common is that they love building homes, and we provide support to help them build the best homes.

Grow Nigeria housing market

Our developers' are at the forefront of making Nigeria's housing market a top 3 contributor to Nigeria's GDP by 2034.

Reduce Developers' pain points

We understand that dealing with 27 government agencies for approval, and watching the cost of building materials go up due to inflation, puts so much pressure on you; therefore we’re set up to handle sales for you and ensure you get funding on time.

Attack Nigeria's Housing Deficit

With over 25m+ housing deficit and one of the fastest growing populations in the world, Nigeria's housing sector is a gold mine. EDAP's goal is to deliver 10,000,000 homes across Nigeria by 2034.

Membership requirement

  • Delivered at least 100 units
  • Max 1% litigation per 100 units delivered.
  • 87% timely delivery rating.
  • 91% quality assurance in units delivered.
  • 100 units min. active pipeline

EDAP Application Process

  • Complete application form
  • Undergo due diligence
  • Receive acceptance notification
  • Upload active projects.
  • Get Edap badge of honour

EDAP Objectives

  • Provide alternative mortgages to buyers in order to shorten developer sales timeline.
  • Provide resources to developers to better manage the development cycle.
  • Provide data and insight on the housing market to guide developers.
  • Create a result-driven channel to lobby the government on housing policy.
  • Setup housing advocacy that engages all stakeholders
  • Expose developers to advance nations to understudy new housing models & development process.
  • Foster local and international partnerships between developers.

EDAP benefits to developers

  • Access to timely funding
  • Boost timely delivery of projects 
  • Eliminate prolonged sales timeline
  • Reduce spend on ads & marketing
  • Reduce sales & marketing overhead
  • Exponential growth ( Brand awareness, customers, revenue, profit)

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Creating new standards to in-still new confidence in Nigeria's housing market

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